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Autumn Has Angels Too -engl. Syksylläkin on enkeleitä
Autumn Has Angels Too -engl. Syksylläkin on enkeleitä
13,00 €

Liisa Seppänen

The book tells about the life of 4-year-old Vanna and her family from autumn till Christmas.

Kirja kertoo nelivuotiaan Vannan ja hänen perheensä elämästä syksystä jouluun.

The second part of the series of illustrated children’s books by Liisa Seppänen continues the story of “It’s always summer at the cabin”. Together with her sisters and brothers Vanamo goes to Sunday School and Day Circle and experiences the festive and everyday moments of family life. The cheerful and perceptive illustrations and text can be enjoyed by children and adults at shared times of reading and discussion. The author is an artist and art school teacher from Oulunsalo. Translation by Eeva Kariniemi.

ISBN/ISRC/ISMN: 978-951-843-126-1
Published in: 2008
Published by: SRK/LLC
Edition: 1.
Pages: 48

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